Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One Year.

Two days ago marked one year of Nova's death. It is amazing how time flies. I still miss my Nova-dog, but I was thinking about how hard her final 3 months of life were for me and for her. I realized on that day, that if I hadn't lost her, I wouldn't have gotten Miss Lulu.

Lulu and Nova are such different dogs. The things I worried about with Nova, don't even cross my mind when it comes to Lu. But the things I miss most about Nova are traits, Lulu does not possess (though she is getting better about some of the things).

While I love Lulu, it is a different love than I had for Nova.  But either way I will be keeping Ms Lulu, because she is ridiculous and makes me laugh. Plus, I love having a fuzzy running companion and a dog to clean up while I cook.

And as always, Pie is the favorite pet. (This is mostly a jest.)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Facebook is killing the blog.

When I first got my blog-ity-blog, I loved it! It was fun to post pictures and random musings. Now I have Facebook. Honestly, I kind of hate Facebook. They keep changing how the content is viewed. Why yes, I do actually want to see all my friends, don't use an algorithm to tell me what I actually want to see... ARGH! And I hate that I am so addicted to it. I do NOT need to check it constantly, but alas, I do.

However, it is SO easy to post photos and random thoughts. And while blogger has an app, it is not as easy as Facebook.

But I have also noticed that I am a lot less guarded on my blog. I say all sorts of crap on here that I would NEVER post on Facebook. Why? I think I feel safer on here. Not many people know about my blog-ity-blog, and the people that do, I like. Sure, you people may judge me, but I feel like you actually like me, so it won't be too harsh. Where on Facebook, I have random people that I know only professionally as friends, so I don't feel like I can truly be me. Don't get me wrong, I still post a lot of randomness, but that's what it is, random. It isn't my hopes/dreams/goals in life.

Man, I am sappy.

Also, I have no goals. WAIT! I decided yesterday I was going to train for triathlons again. The first one is June 7th. I would like to beat my 2012 time. Totally doable, as long as I start training now, well Monday.... Ugh, I am already tired.

OH and my weight checker thingy is WAY off. I should just delete it. I am going to delete it.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


This is how she sleeps. Such a weirdo.